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Our Jewelry Services

Freedman Jewelers and it's shops have been doing watch repair since 1945. Freedman's is able to provide you with great watch repair work in a timely fashion.

Don't know what is wrong with your watch? Bring it in and we will give you a complimentary quote for repairing your watch. This free watch estimate will entail the current problems with your watch, what can be done to repair it and how much it will cost.

Here are the watch repair services we offer:

  1. Watch battery replacement
  2. Replacing & fixing all types of watch parts
  3. Replacing watch crystals
  4. Watch overhauls (with 6 month warranty)
  5. Watch cleanings
  6. Replacement watch straps & watch
  7. Bands Refinishing watch bands
  8. Replacing stems & crowns
  9. Converting watches to quartz or automatic movements
  10. Resizing watch bands & straps

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