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The main and most common definition of the phrase jewelry appraisal is a written document that describes one's jewelry and gives a monetary value for replacement if lost, damaged or stolen. The most common use for a jewelry appraisal is for insurance purposes. A written appraisal would also be necessary or useful for estates, trusts, divorces and litigation. An insurance appraisal would be recommended for many jewelry items including engagement rings, wedding bands, diamond stud earrings, gold & platinum jewelry, estate jewelry and family heirlooms.

What is a jewelry appraisal?

There are two definitions for jewelry appraisals which are often mixed up.

A written appraisal includes the following:

  1. An inspection of the condition of your jewelry items
  2. Evaluating the size and quality of the jewelry
  3. A description of the metal and gemstones used in the jewelry
  4. Determining an adequate replacement value for insurance purposes.

If you are interested or have any questions about a written jewelry appraisal, contact Freedman Jewelers at 617-227-4294 or A Freedman employee would be happy to discuss the appraisal process with you, how long it will take and what to bring with you. We charge $50 per jewelry item for a written appraisal. For the most part, appraisals can be done quickly and and any old paperwork or receipts you have on the jewelry is helpful and expedites the process. 

Here is an example of a written jewelry appraisal.


Freedman Jewelers

333 Washington St. Boston, MA 02108

Name: Joe Anonymous                    Date:  May 24, 2012

Address:  5 Fenway Park  Boston, MA 02108


Pair of diamond stud earrings. Diamonds are round brilliant cut weighing 0.89ct total. Diamonds are F/G color and SI clarity. Diamonds are set in 4-prong 14kt white gold basket heads.


Total Value: $3,000.00 


The other definition of jewelry appraisal is a verbal appraisal for selling purposes.  A customer looking to sell their jewelry back to a jewelry store or to the public.  Sellers are looking to get an idea of what their jewelry item is worth before they sell it so they ask for an appraisal.  Sellers may tell a jeweler they would like something appraised and a jeweler will respond for insurance purposes or for selling purposes. We offer complimentary verbal jewelry appraisals and assessments of the jewelry items one is looking to sell. Appointments are recommended for both verbal & written appraisals. Contact Freedman's to find out more and schedule a time for a consultation.